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Righthaven Copyright Suits – An Update

Several months ago, we published a blog post entitled “Copyright Infringement in the Digital Age: Is Righthaven Using the Right Solution?” discussing a spate of lawsuits filed by Righthaven, LLC against bloggers who posted content copyrighted 


by Stephens Media, the publisher of the Law Vegas Review-Journal.

Copyright and trademark attorney Ron Coleman, owner of the “Likelihood of Confusion” blog, recently posted an update on this topic.  Coleman, along with Las Vegas attorneys Marc Randazza and J. Malcolm DeVoy, filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Media Bloggers Association in one of these lawsuits.  This brief, which is posted in its entirety on Coleman’s blog, calls into question the propriety and scope of copyright statutory damages in this type of lawsuit. Much is at stake because statutory damages can greatly simplify the Plaintiff’s task of having to otherwise prove up actual damages.